Is important to all of us:

Regarding your data that we store!

We hold the Cyber Essentials award, and understand Public and Private sector data security, we are also aware of the requirements of the Public Sector at “Official” and the need to comply with PSN and NHS IG SOC/Toolkit.  Our solutions match these requirement.  Within the private sector, commercial goals are clearly understood, and over all the overarching legal requirements of the Data Protection Act is, also fully understood.

To be clear we only hold the minimum amount of data to do business with you, and our servers and infrastructure hold industry accreditations to this effect, and are based within the EEA thus meeting the Data Protection act, our tools do not store beyond the immediate processing (for onwards transmission to you) any data about you or your systems.

Further we choose our partners with care

  • So we can support our customers..
  • No man is an Island, in the connected, on-line world, we are not alone, we depend upon partnerships with suppliers, large and small to harness and build our digital world.
  • Of course we work with the big factory, enterprise suppliers like Amazon, Google & Microsoft, we also work with specialist UK based hosting companies, this is important for scale and compliance with laws and guidance.
  • We have also sought specialist security fabric partners such as CloudLock to help deliver a standard or reporting and compliance you need for your data.
  • We also work with smaller software developers and specialists to deliver the precise set of services our customer requires.

Cyber Essentials

We are a UK based company and have achieved the Cyber Essentials Award and know how to look after our data and that of our customers, the Cyber Essentials scheme provides businesses, small and large, with clarity on good basic cybersecurity practice. By focusing on basic cyber hygiene, your company will be better protected from the most common cyber threats. More can be found here:

  • In this case, for this service the only data we hold is the minimum we need for billing purposes.  This service is run from servers based in the EEA in fact in the UK.
  • This product is a UK based security scanning product, as such our server(s) have daily updates and upgrades as made available by vendors and sit behind a stateful firewall, logs are also monitored and reviewed daily and stored for at least six months in keeping with best UK public sector Information Assurance practice.
  • Being a UK SME we meet our legal requirements with regard to the Data Protection Act in full. With this in mind we have clearly asserted the limits as to what data we collect and for how long we hold it for as part of our Cyber Essentials.

We also have the tools and capability to help you achieve Cyber Essentials! – Why not call or ask for more information..